Coes Faen Spa Lodge, Barmouth

The end of October may not be the time of year that springs to mind when booking a trip to the seaside in Wales, but my brother-in-law was taking part in the Barmouth Beach Race so the family headed over for the weekend


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Recipe – Homity tartlets

Homity pie is a traditional British vegetarian open pie, usually consisting of a shortcrust pastry case with a filling of potato, onion, leek & cheese. These tartlets came about as I really wanted to make homity pie but only had puff pastry!

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DIY – Pumpkin vase

Much to the amusement of my husband, I decided last weekend that I wanted to go pumpkin picking!

I dug out my wellies and we headed off to Mr Pumpkin 

Located just outside Derby, we visited on their official opening day (they are open from 21st – 31st October, subject to the availability of pumpkins) We arrived about 10:30am and the farm was already so busy!


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Sexy Mamma Love Spaghetti, Nottingham

I first heard about Sexy Mamma Love Spaghetti from reading Nottinghammm blog, and had walked past there a number of times when it was shut but never actually ventured inside

We were in Nottingham with friends for a concert on Thursday night and wanted somewhere to eat close to the arena. Being just a 2 minute walk away, Sexy Mamma was the obvious choice!


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Simpsons Restaurant, Birmingham

My friend and I had planned a shopping trip & lunch in Birmingham last Saturday, but when the other halves got wind of the plan they decided they would join us! Why not make a day of it we thought, so I made a reservation at Simpsons.

We arrived a little early and headed inside – it’s hard to explain the feel of the place when you walk in –  modern stately home maybe? The ceilings are high, rooms are large and the structure quite traditional, but mix that with framed photography, plush contemporary furniture and extravagent coloured glass light fittings and you have the perfect mix of old and new – it works very well​ and feels incredibly inviting

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