Recipe – Spicy cod tacos

I love tacos, and the fact that you can fill them with anything means there’s an endless array of options!

I combined my spicy cod version with loads of different colours, textures and flavours, and plenty of chilli heat!!

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Recipe – Vegan beluga lentil chilli

I haven’t intentionally posted two vegan recipes in a row, but seeing as it’s National Vegetarian Week, I’m going to go with it! If you’re a meat fan, I urge you to give this version a try – it has just as much flavour but is a little healthier

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Recipe – Lime & chilli salmon with corn salsa

Have you ever just completely lost your mojo? I feel like that’s me at the moment – struggling with routine, and no focus for anything. But when that also starts to apply to my favourite thing in the world – food – I know it’s time for a kick up the bum!

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