DIY – Pumpkin vase

Much to the amusement of my husband, I decided last weekend that I wanted to go pumpkin picking!

I dug out my wellies and we headed off to Mr Pumpkin 

Located just outside Derby, we visited on their official opening day (they are open from 21st – 31st October, subject to the availability of pumpkins) We arrived about 10:30am and the farm was already so busy!


I was on the hunt for a white pumpkin so I headed to the ‘polar bear’ pumpkins first


All the pumpkins had been cut from the stalk already so you just needed to pick up the ones you wanted

I also couldn’t resist a couple of the little grey ‘crown prince’ pumpkins


They also have ‘racer’ & ‘cargo’ varieties (your classic orange pumpkins) in all different shapes and sizes



There’s even a little pumpkin ‘spa’ so you can wash the dirt off before putting them in your car!


There’s plenty to do if you have kids too, such as a bouncy castle, face painting, pumpkin carving & a pumpkin trail – perfect for keeping little ones entertained!

I grabbed my loot and headed home to do a little pumpkin DIY…


I wanted to make something autumn inspired for the house, that was in keeping with our decor. I settled upon a pumpkin vase, filled with flowers (you can obviously do this with any colour or size of pumpkin)

What you’ll need:

  • Your chosen pumpkin
  • A sharp knife for carving
  • Scissors
  • A marker pen
  • A tin can or small glass to hold your flowers – size will depend on the size of your pumpkin
  • Flowers
  • Twine or string
  • If possible, someone to lend you a spare pair of hands at the very end!


Step 1:

You’ll need to make sure that your pumpkin sits flat and sturdy on your table (you don’t want it rolling around when it’s full of water & flowers!) If it doesn’t sit quite right, take your knife and slice the bottom until it’s even, sits flat and doesn’t move


Step 2:

Place your tin or glass on top of your pumpkin and using your marker pen, draw around it



Step 3:

Using your knife to follow the outline you’ve just drawn, cut into your pumpkin and carve out the centre enough for your tin to snugly fit. Don’t worry if you can still see some pen marks, these will be covered by your flowers


Step 4:

Place your tin in the hole you’ve just created and half fill with water


Step 5:

For the flowers, I just grabbed a supermarket bunch and took it apart. Trim any excess leaves from your stems and get to work making a bunch – have a think about whether you want your arrangement to be small and compact or more loose and wild. With the flowers I could get, I decided compact was the way to go


Step 6:

When you’re happy with your arrangement, tie the stems together with twine right in the place where they meet in the middle (it’s definitely easier if you have someone to tie them for you whilst you’re holding onto the bunch!)



Step 6:

Trim the stems to your required length – I wanted my flowers to sit right down on top of my pumpkin


And voilà, you have your own autumn inspired decoration to use as a table centrepiece or maybe just to place in an empty fireplace as I have!


Have you made any autumn decorations? Share your pictures with me!




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