Catch Bar-Restaurant, Oia, Santorini

You may have heard that Oia is the best place to watch the sunset in Santorini. You may not have heard that at sunset the little town gets so busy you can hardly move and there’s a mad rush for buses when the sun has gone down as everyone tries to leave at the same time! Wanting to avoid the squash but still see the sunset, we booked a table for dinner at Catch



We arrived at 8:00pm and were shown to our table up on the roof. Food ordered, we were left to toast the sunset with a glass of champagne


A few moments later what can only be described as a huge loaf of bread arrived (there was also another flatbread under that loaf!), along with olives, olive oil & taramasalata for dipping


My starter of tuna tartare niçoise was delicious, I really am becoming addicted to raw tuna! The fish was really fresh and well seasoned, allowing its natural flavour to come through. The toppings could have done with a little more seasoning for me, but eaten with the tuna it livened them up a bit


For my main I chose the pastichio paccheri, which when it arrived was sort of a deconstructed lasagne. Cannelloni tubes sat on top of arseniko naxou cream cheese and were filled with a rich beef ragu. I have to say for me, this dish was a little too sweet. I expected a deeper savoury meat flavour but it was a bit sickly and the cheese was too much. After seeing other diner’s food and even though they are preeeetty expensive, I would definitely push the boat out next time and order catch of the day, lobster or tomohawk steak

My accompanying red wine recommended by the sommelier was however, lovely. A light Greek red that wasn’t overpowering



As the sun dipped further below the horizon, we weren’t quite ready to leave (and let’s face it, you can’t go without dessert!) We shared a dish with variations of chocolate – ice cream with a biscuit crumb, and a nutty chocolate brownie with chocolate mousse and wafer shards which was as tasty as it looks!



When dessert was finished and it was finally dark, we headed to the downstairs bar for one last drink as we’d been told by a couple of people that they do great cocktails…



I was a lot quieter than I though it would be on a saturday night so we could have sat anywhere, but we pulled up a stool at the bar and I ordered a ‘Breakfast on Sunset’. The recommendations were certainly right, they do make a mean cocktail!


Still feeling slightly tired from a heavy night the night before, we hopped in our carriage and left for bed!


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