Ammoudi Fish Tavern, Ammoudi Bay, Santorini

For our first full day in Santorini we booked a table for lunch at Ammoudi Fish Tavern. Following a lazy morning by the pool, we jumped in a taxi and headed down to Ammoudi Bay, which is just underneath the town of Oia



The bay itself is small but beautiful, boats bobbing on the crystal clear water and a promenade lined with restaurants



As we’d made a reservation we got a great table right on the waters edge with views both of the bay and out to sea. Crisp cold white wine poured, we ordered a bunch of dishes to share


Everything arrived as and when it was ready, first up was the herby garlic bread with olives (chosen by the carb monster that I’m married to!) Fluffy bread toasted until crisp, and drenched in gorgeous garlic butter…


…along with a huge bowl of cool tzatziki


The restaurant is well known for its sun-dried octopus (you can see them hanging up outside to dry) so the grilled sun-dried octopus just had to be ordered! Lightly grilled & beautifully tender, you could taste a subtle difference from the sun-drying


Next up was Greek salad with HUGE slabs of feta! The salad itself was fresh and tasty with plenty of capers and olives (the capers in Santorini were the biggest and best I’ve ever had!)


Just look at that view…


The fried zucchini was literally amazing! So flavoursome with a light crispy batter – I was hoping the husband wouldn’t want to try these as they weren’t top of his list, but we almost had to fight over the last one, they were that good!


Fried calamari – again very tender and not a hint of chewiness, the batter seemed different than that on the zucchini but was also nice and crisp. The accompanying squid ink mayo was tasty enough, but could have either done with being left plain or made black as the insipid grey was a bit strange!


Lastly were the fried shrimp with aioli – big juicy sweet shrimp just begging to be pulled open and dipped into the garlicky mayo


We sat and enjoyed the last of our wine with the waves lapping at our feet. We weren’t sure if we’d been lingering too long over our drinks and they were hinting at us to leave but we received a complimentary dessert of fried doughnuts with honey & cinnamon – delicious and a perfect end to the meal!


We settled the bill and headed out into the hot (but thankfully breezy) afternoon. You see those stairs winding up the hill in the picture below? That’s where we were headed…




Stopping every now and then (ok, every few steps) to take in the view (catch our breath) we steadily made our way up the hillside and into Oia. The steps are numbered so you can see your progress, there are over 200 altogether but with my short legs each wide step took 5 of my footsteps! Even though it was hard work and you may be tempted, please don’t ride the donkeys. The poor things are stood in the heat all day with no water and it’s so steep and cobbly it’s just not fair. Anyway, you’ll need the climb to walk off all that food!


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