La Bocca Della Verita, Paris

On the last night of our recent trip to Paris we decided to stay relatively local to our hotel for dinner, and after a wander round (via a couple of bars, of course!) came across La Bocca Della Verita, an Italian restaurant on Rue du Sabot. There was a warm glow coming from inside and plenty of happy looking people so in we went!


We didn’t have a reservation but were greeted by one of the two fabulous ladies in charge who seated us without a problem, and swiftly took our drinks order

A glass of prosecco in hand, we enjoyed some olives and crisp breads whilst chatting about our weekend (and how much we didn’t want to leave the next day!)

The customary French bread basket was served Italian style with balsamic vinegar and olive oil, which made a nice change from all the butter we’d been having! The menu had a really good range of dishes to choose from – some Italian classics and some we’d never heard of before – so it took us a while to narrow it down


I chose a starter that I’d not tried before – pecorino cheese with caramelised honey, white truffle and pears. The combination was divine and definitely something I’d make at home! Salty pecorino was drizzled in sweet truffle honey, and was served alongside crisp fresh pear which cut through the intensity of the cheese

For mains I went for the veal saltimbocca (veal escalope wrapped in parma ham, crispy sage and cooked in Vernaccia white wine) which was a great choice. The meat itself was tender and juicy from being cooked in the wine, and the parma ham brought a salty richness. Most mains came with a choice of side dish, and I opted for the sage and rosemary roasted new potatoes which were buttery on the inside with a golden outer. The flavour of sage on both the meat and potatoes was present but subtle and tied the two together



Watching people during the evening, everyone looked so relaxed and it almost felt as if you were in a friends home or surrounded by family. Drinks were flowing, food was being shared, and it just felt nice to be there

After a small pause we took a look at the dessert menu. One stood out to me more than the others – pistachio semifreddo with a peanut crumb base. This dessert was like a frozen cheesecake, the flavour of pistachio coming through really well in the creamy semifreddo that was sat atop a soft, crumbly and nutty base. Sharp berry coulis complimented the other flavours in the dish and brought a welcome zing

A glass of limoncello finished off our meal nicely, then it was time to pay l’addition and head to bed!

Our hosts did a great job of making sure everyone in the small restaurant had everything they needed at all times – La Bocca Della Verita was a fab choice for our last night and was just the relaxing end to the weekend that we were looking for!

Visit their website here.

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