Clamato, Paris


We arrived at seafood restaurant Clamato just after 8:45pm on a Saturday night and enquired about a table (they don’t take bookings) The next available table for two was at 10:30pm so we had a little time to wait – perfect for heading round the corner to Clamato’s sister bar – the small and rustic (and clearly very popular judging by how busy it was!) Septime La Cave




We ordered glasses of rosé, and some bread & jambon with hazelnuts to tide us over until our meal



We got a call just after 10pm saying our table was ready so practically ran to the restaurant!


Still busy when we arrived, the restaurant was bustling and had a great laid back atmosphere





The menu is mainly smaller plates for sharing which is a great way to try more of what’s on offer


To start us off we had 6 L’Istrec oysters and half a rock crab, served with herb butter, home made tabasco & shallot vinaigrette. The oysters were incredibly fresh and not too salty, and even better with a spoon of shallots!



The job of tackling the crab was mine and was a messy one! It was worth it though for the sweet juicy crab meat that was inside


Everything arrived tapas style – as and when it was ready. Next up were the pollock croquettes with spicy mayo – warm and soft with a light crispy outer, the fluffy croquettes contained a generous amount of fish and went great with the chilli heat of the mayo and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice


Then came the spicy pollock ceviche with sharp pickled red onion and piles of coriander. The dish was fresh, tangy and light, and the pollock was beautifully cured by the lime juice – a total contrast to the croquettes!


My favourite dish though just had to be the line caught tuna tartare – coarsely chopped raw tuna that as with the crab, had a great natural sweetness – served with finely diced shallot, capers, gherkins, coriander and aioli, ready for you to mix together at the table. The acidity from the toppings along with the smooth garlic mayonnaise were a match made in heaven!



The tartare was served with pommes allumettes – skinny salty shoestring fries that I couldn’t get enough of!


The husband ordered some mussels which arrived last and the portion was huge – he impressively finished the lot!


With absolutely no room left for dessert, we headed off into the warm Paris night (or technically the morning by the time we finished!) I’d absolutely recommend a visit to Clamato for all you seafood lovers out there, just be sure to arrive early to give yourselves more chance of getting a table!


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