Alex Bond Supper Club at Wired Cafe Bar, Nottingham

As a chef that has worked at a number of Michelin starred restaurants including Restaurant Sat Bains in Nottingham and a stint as head chef at Turners in Birmingham, Alex Bond boasts quite the CV.

Alex is currently transforming a former coaching house on Derby Road on the outskirts of Nottingham city centre into a 40 seater restaurant and has hopes of it becoming the second Michelin starred restaurant in Nottingham – to say I’m intrigued is an understatement! Until then he has a regular supper club held at Wired Cafe Bar in Nottingham on Friday & Saturday nights.

We booked in for one such supper club on Friday 7th October

When we arrived we were greeted and asked where we would like to sit. Tables were long and communal so we picked our seats for the evening (next to a fabulous couple from Chile who as it happens we went out with after the meal!) and ordered our drinks. There were about 20 diners altogether and although it was a bit of a squish, I personally felt this really added to the atmosphere and encouraged you to talk to the people around to you

San Miguel and prosecco were our aperitifs of choice, along with a bottle of the only red wine available, the Mountbridge Australian Shiraz which we shared with our neighbours


The chef greeted everyone and explained the order of the evening. He was really engaging and friendly, and made everyone relax and feel able to chat to him and ask questions. From where we were sat we got a great view of him plating up…


The first course was poached salmon, avocado, seaweed & turnip. A good sized piece of salmon was poached to perfection and was the dominant flavour of the dish which you would expect. The Avocado cream was very subtle and was extremely smooth. Slices of baby turnip brought a fresh crunch to the dish


Next up was romanesco, hay baked celeriac, beetroot, leeks with parmesan & pig trotter sauce. All components were beautifully prepared and well seasoned – I especially enjoyed the fresh taste of the romanesco and also the indulgent cheesy leeks. However the star of the dish was THAT SAUCE – WOW! Light in consistency but with an intense meaty, salty flavour. We all agreed that this was our favourite dish of the night and could have eaten it ten times over!


The third dish was ox tail, brussels sprouts & ceps. The ox tail was slow cooked, moist and melted in the mouth. I would personally have preferred the ceps to be whole instead of in puree form so their flavour was stronger. The sprout leaves had a lovely charred taste from grilling and the shallot provided texture against the other softer components



Course 4 and the first of the sweets was blackberry, almond & fermented garlic. I was blown away by the sublety of the garlic which you could tell was present but had a sort of sweet, mellow caramel/liquorice flavour. In contrast, the blackberry gave a nice sharp tang and the topping of granola added texture and nuttiness.


Lastly was chocolate, artichoke & hazelnut. The dark chocolate parfait was creamy, rich and so intense – you definitely didn’t need any more than this! The artichoke flavour wasn’t that obvious but I think if it were any stronger it would have overpowered the other elements. Both the chocolate and artichoke were brought together well by the sweet hazelnut


The presentation and flavours all evening were great, and I was especially impressed by the fact that all these dishes came out of such a tiny kitchen!

I was just on the right side of full but the husband did comment that he expected the main meat dish to be slightly larger, however for £35 a head it was great value. We had a fantastic night and it absolutely flew by – I would highly recommend a visit!

Look out for future supper clubs and book your places by visiting Alex’s Twitter & Facebook, and also keep your eyes peeled for the as yet unnamed restaurant – I’ll try and wait patiently… 🙂

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