Baan Thai, Burton-on-Trent

Last Saturday night we had planned to stay in, but as usual we got the fidgets and decided to head out for something to eat. We called Baan Thai to see if they had room for us and they kindly squeezed us in at 7:00pm


When we arrived we were seated sraight away and provided with food & drink menus, along with a specials menu

The restaurant was already pretty full despite it being quite early, and continued to get busier as the evening went along – I’m glad we called ahead!


Can we just take a moment to appreciate that this may be the only place on earth that still uses doilies?! There’s something so old school that you can’t help but love!

We shared the Baan Thai mixed starter which comprised of satay chicken, sesame toast, spring rolls, crispy filo wrapped prawns and Thai fishcakes. Each of the components were well cooked  – juicy marinated chicken for the satay, crispy filo on the prawns & spring rolls with a good amount of filling, and classic sesame toast. The fishcakes stood out to me though, as they had a really well balanced flavour of lemongrass and I could have eaten several more


Along with a spicy carrot salad, the mixed starter was served with sweet chilli, satay sauce & a carrot, cucumber & shallot ‘relish’ (not sure I’d call it a relish, but it was a nice fresh accompaniment) I always feel that you never quite get enough of the sauces, especially as I’m married to a serial scooper who can manage to empty one of those little bowls onto one satay skewer!


For mains we both went for the Plaa Sam Rot – lightly battered fish in a sweet & spicy chilli sauce. This wasn’t quite as good as previous visits with the sauce seeming a little heavier and perhaps not home made, and the batter not as crispy but the fish was nicely cooked and there was certainly plenty of it


With the fish we shared a bowl of sticky coconut rice…


…and the chicken pud si-ew – again another very generously sized portion. Thick rice noodles are stir fried with chicken, baby corn, broccoli & carrot. I liked how the veg still had a bite to it rather that being soft, and the overall flavour was quite rich without being heavy


To keep up what appeared to be a theme of both eating exactly the same, we each had the coconut roll with vanilla ice cream – I was told that the fluffy pancake gets its green colour from pandan leaves, something that I’d always wondered about! The sweet & sticky coconut filling certainly didn’t disappoint, but we were glad to have the ice cream as a contrast


The service that night was a little slow but I can understand why as there wasn’t an empty seat in the place, however as with all our previous visits the staff were welcoming and friendly and the food was nice. We’ll definitely be back.

Link to their website is here


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