Iberico World Tapas, Derby

Our friends had just returned from a trip to Rome & Sorrento and we hadn’t seen them since our trip to Barcelona so of course we needed to have a massive catch up and share stories right away! What better way to do that than over food & drinks?

We headed into town on Saturday night and grabbed some cocktails

After a good natter and (more than) a few drinks we wandered over to Iberico World Tapas (Sorry for the slight tapas overload from recent posts!)  Our reservation was for 9:30pm and the restaurant was still really busy when we arrived.

We sat in the lounge area & ordered some drinks which were brought to our table when we sat down

We chose a bottle of Chilean Viognier for the table and set about making our food choices

We decided to order dishes per couple so we all got what we fancied. The dishes below are from our side of the table – yes we were greedy! First up was Catalan bread and the half charcuterie & half cheese board. We got a nice selection of meats & cheeses, and a fennel salad with cornichons – needless to say, this disappeared pretty fast! The Catalan bread was as good, if not better than the ones we had in Barcelona – Iberico are generous with their topping which is always good to see

Onglet beef skewers with truffle sauce are a must whenever we visit. They always cook the beef to perfection so it’s meltingly tender and pink in the middle, and that truffle sauce… divine! We ordered an extra skewer so we could share with our friend – I wasn’t about to give up one of mine! 🙂

Morcilla scotch egg with broad bean alioli came out next – the runny-yolked egg was encased in soft morcilla & fried giving a crisp outer shell. The alioli didn’t just bring colour to the dish but a sweetness that complimented the scotch egg nicely

Grilled chorizo, piquillo peperade & confit new potato – another beautifully rich dish, salty smoky chorizo with tangy pepper sauce sitting on soft potato confit.

Japanese patatas with curry sauce – we went for the Japanese version instead of the traditional bravas as we hadn’t tried it before. I did enjoy the dish but would definitely have the tomato version next time I go as the flavour didn’t go as well with the other dishes as I’d have liked

Cauliflower with coconut & lime dressing and nectarine was a dish I hadn’t tried before but I would 100% re-order. Such a variety of cauliflower & the coconut sauce/puree underneath was fantastic! Another favourite we just HAVE to order every time are the inside out chicken wings. They are just so sweet & sticky with a sesame glaze, and the way they’re prepared means the meat falls off the bone to be eaten in one bite, like a chicken lolly.

Last of the savoury was the sea bream ceviche with dill & cucumber – such a fresh dish, the bream was tender & full of flavour from the dill & cucumber. Another dish we hadn’t tried before but another I would recommend

I couldn’t leave without having dessert – I chose the English strawberries with coconut & pandan and crispy wild rice. This came in the form of fresh strawberries and a granita topped with the rice, not my favourite dessert of all time but tasty none the less. A glass of 30 year old Pedro Ximenez Viejo was just the thing to end the meal

As the restaurant emptied we ended up being among the last to leave, but I loved how each table had been re-set for the next service and still had a lit candle so you didn’t feel like they were shutting up shop around you.

As usual from Iberico, a fantastic meal in a beautiful restaurant with great friends. You’ll still find hints of tradition in their menu but they really make an effort to give you dishes with a spin.

There are two branches of Iberico World Tapas – one in Derby and the other in Nottingham. Both restaurants have a Michelin Guide Bib Gourmande. They have also literally just opened another offering – Bar Iberico in Nottingham – which I look forward to trying!

Link to their website here.

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