Ormeggio at The Spit, Sydney

We visited Sydney at the beginning of the year (see my previous posts hereherehere & here) and wanted to make sure our last meal of the trip was a good one. Through a friend of a friend we managed to score a same-day reservation.

So we headed off to Ormeggio at sunset and were greeted with a gorgeous view of the sun going down on the harbour, and champagne waiting for us!


After 3 weeks of eating non-stop and having some unbelievably amazing meals, we decided before we arrived that we wouldn’t have another tasting menu and would instead go for the a la carte option. That was until we looked at the menu! Priced the same as the 3 course a la carte option and including all the dishes from the menu, we just couldn’t resist and signed ourselves up to a couple more hours of indulgence! Let’s dive in….

Whichever menu you chose, you started with these delicious little mouthfuls: Polenta-buckwheat-avocado-walnut / jerusalem artichoke-smoked cheddar-vinegar / baccala fritters-herb mayonnaise


Crunchy sourdough bread with whipped ricotta


The first official course was Biodynamic veal tonnato – the veal (topped with finely sliced radishes) was so melt-in-the-mouth smooth and was complimented well by the crunchy radish slices



Second up was the paprika tagliolini, red capsicum, crab & macadamia. This really made me think of the Spanish dish Fideuà. For pasta it was still really light & delicate.


Third we have MSE moolooloba swordfish, green peas, crustaceans infusion & mint – a nice meaty piece of fish, cooked to perfection & served with sweet fresh peas


The fourth course was carnaroli risotto, eggplant, tomato, mozzarella & basil. I did forget to take a picture of what this looked like when you cut in to it, but it consisted of the risotto underneath, and was topped with a disc of tomato jelly. It had all the flavours of a caprese salad!


Fifth was charcoal lamb, witlof, beetroot, sour cherry & goat cheese. I really liked the depth of flavour on the lamb from being cooked over charcoal. The blobs of creamy goats cheese were just the right amount, and worked well with the earthy beetroot


We skipped the optional cheese course (seriously, no room!), and went straight to dessert number one – mango, kaffir lime & lemon balm. With tropical & Thai flavours, this dish was just the refreshing change we needed


Dessert two was textures of strawberry & liquorice – the liquorice wasn’t too overpowering, allowing the delicate strawbery to still come through


And no meal would be complete without coffee and petit fours!


We were very well looked after througout our evening, and had some fantastic dessert wine conversations with our French waiter!

I’m so pleased we got to experience an evening at Ormeggio, it really was the perfect end to our trip!

You can visit Ormeggio at the Spit’s website here.

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