Wine tasting at Worth Brothers, Kirk Langley

Worth Brothers Wines are an independant wine merchant that has shops in Kirk Langley & Lichfield. They hold events, including wine tastings in both shops and barbecue cookery courses at their ‘Well Fired’ HQ in Kirk Langley.

We headed over to one such event on Friday night in Kirk Langley for their ‘Discover something new’ tasting.

The shop is in the most beautiful building, and inside it’s like a sweet shop for adults – and when I say sweets, I mean alcohol!

The tasting table was set up inside the shop itself so you were surrounded by bottles!

10 wines were included in the tasting:


Photo from Worth Brothers website

For £10 per person, the tasting was such value for money. All the wines we tasted were also really reasonably priced, and there was a good mix of different styles and wine from various countries

Tim who owns the shop was fantastic at explaining all the different wines whilst also keeping the atmosphere light and fun. For each wine we had a run down of where it was from, what grape varieties were used and the notes we could taste. We also discussed things such as how the bottles and labelling differ depending on where the wine is from, how the the growing conditions vary between countries and the percentage alcohol.

There were a couple of varieties that we hadn’t come across before and it was interesting that these same varieties popped up when shopping over the weekend – it shows you how you do always tend to look for what’s familiar, and I think it has opened our eyes more to trying something new.

We also met some lovely people who were so friendly and we hope to see again at future events.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, they also hold barbecue cookery courses in their ‘Well Fired’ HQ – this is a sneak peek I took from inside…

Doesn’t it look a bit ‘Lord of the Rings’?!

The next public tasting is on Friday 15th July and is a ‘Sparkling Summer tasting’ which according to their website is a tasting of 9 top quality sparkling wines from France, Italy, Australia, New Zealand & Portugal.

In addition to their public tastings, you can also book a range of different private tastings for groups – something which we are considering for a family/friends get together!

The shop is open to the public Tuesday – Friday 11:00am – 7:00pm and Saturday 10:00am – 6:00pm

I’m looking forward to collecting what we ordered on Friday, the challenge will be not walking out with more!

You can visit their website here.

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