Bommie Restaurant, Hamilton Island, Australia

The old saying ‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know’ was very true of our visit to Bommie Restaurant. As we have family that work on Hamilton Island, we were given a little bit of special treatment when dining out…

We started our night off with a round (or two) of cocktails at the outside bar ‘The Bommie Deck’, which is situated at the end of a long, well, deck! (The ‘We Jammin’ cocktail was a firm favourite with us all!) It’s a pretty impressive building, we hired a boat one day and from the water it looks even more amazing!


Photo from Google

 Once the sun had set, we headed inside, the super-air-conditioned restaurant providing a welcome respite from the sticky heat outside…


What was meant to be a 5 course tasting menu turned into 8! We were greeted with champagne on ice and shown to our table. As we were going a little off-piste with the food, we opted for a couple of bottles of wine rather that the matching selection. Here’s what we had…

Poppy seed crisps – these were stunning! Perfectly crunchy and so intricate & delicate, like flowers


Chilled oysters with yuzu, heirloom tomato & olive oil, and grilled smoked oysters, finger lime, chilli & ginger – the grilled were the winners on this dish in my opinion.


Oyster ice cream – an unusual one but strangely refreshing! I couldn’t eat more than a mouthful though


Pork & scallop carpaccio – very thinly sliced pork & scallop, compressed into this disc (the pork is underneath and can’t be seen in this photo) It was both fresh & rich at the same time – a nice balance


Tuna – lightly seared with fresh dressed leaves


Salmon with beans – again, very fresh tasting and the beans provided a lovely crunch. The salmon was very delicate and well seasoned


The duck was gorgeously deep in flavour & sticky with sauce – I could definitely have eaten more!


Strawberry & meringue


Peanut butter & honeycomb with ice cream


And finally, beautiful petit fours


My highlights were the duck, and the strawberry dessert, along with the petit fours which I couldn’t help but sample one of each, even after all that food!

We were so well looked after and Bommie was a beautiful place for a really special dinner. We practically rolled back to our room but it was worth it! You can definitely see why it’s popular for weddings – just imagine the amazing meal and having your photos with this view…


Link to Bommie Restaurant is here.


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