Aqua Dining, Sydney

Our visit to Aqua Dining was on New Year’s Eve 2015 and I can honestly say was the best New Year’s we’ve ever had!

From the outside itlooks very unassuming….


But head down the steps and this is the view you are greeted with when you walk into the restaurant…


Pretty special right?! The restaurant is actually on one side of an Olympic swimming pool, with it’s sister restaurant Ripples at the other end. A very ususual setting but it definitely gave us something to talk about – especially as the pool & spectators stands were full of people waiting to see the 9pm fireworks!

As it was New Years we had a set tasting menu and a HUGE list of champagne & wine, plus beers and soft drinks to choose from that were all included in the price (this may or may not have contributed to the less-than-fresh feeling the next day….)


First up – Sydney rock oysters with ponzu & lychee (fabulously sweet and I am going to say my favourite oysters ever), black garlic rice chips with anchovy emulsion & smoked paprika (literally light as air, smoky from the paprika and salty & rich from the anchovy) and green asparagus with lemon hollandaise. You will also see below a good old chunk of sour dough bread – kind of a staple in every restaurant over there is seems!


Second course consisted of scallops, white sesame, cherries & puffed quinoa.


The sun had started to set by the time the third course was on its way…..


….and when it arrived, we were not disappointed! Huge, juicy, succulent Moreton Bay bugs with celeriac, horseradish & samphire. I was pleased to see that the samphire was in pureed form as I’m not the biggest fan. The bugs were to.die.for. Favourite dish of the night!


Fourth was agnolotti, smoked trout, creme fraiche and aruga caviar.


The fifth course was wagyu sirloin, porcini puree, leek & white balsamic gel.


Course six took us on to the sweets – yoghurt parfait, sorrel & liquorice snow. The parfait was quite sour – not in an off-way, but in a natural-yoghurt way.


And finally Brillat-Savarin (a triple cream dessert cheese), freeze dried raspberry, celery & pecan.


Full to bursting & a little bit tipsy, we saw in the New Year with the best fireworks in the world!

Aqua is a must-do if you’re in Sydney – our meal was spectacular!

Link to Aqua Dining website is here.

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